The Story

How It All Began

In 2016, 1 out of Ben Colas' 26 kindergarten students recognized letters on the first day of school. 2 recognized numbers. Many had never held a pencil before. Kids were beginning school behind and never catching up. Academic struggles perpetuate other challenges and a viscous cycle continues. Something had to be done. 

The Problem

Kids were beginning school behind through no fault of their own. At the same time, nothing was being provided to families so they could know what their child was expected to know entering school (or how to teach those skills). KinderKits filled this gap.

The Progress

In 2016, all of Colas' incoming students received KinderKits. 17 recognized letters on day 1 (1 the previous year). 20 recognized numbers (2 the previous year) and as a result of the increased readiness, the class' winter and spring NWEA scores were months ahead of the previous year. A charter school did a pre and post-diagnostic. Over 90% of the kids receiving KinderKits showed growth.

KinderKits are assembled by people with developmental disabilities and a portion of the sale of each KinderKit goes to support children in low-income communities

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